Anagarika Dhammadinna

anagarika-photoBorn Anna Burian in Austria in 1913, Anagarika Dhammadinna is thought to be the first Theravada Buddhist nun in Canada. Fondly known as Anagarika, she immigrated to Canada in 1951 with her son, and lived in British Columbia. Questions she carried with her since a young child compelled her to take a freighter to India in 1961.

“I early asked questions to which no answers could be found. Forty years later while walking India’s highways and byways in search of holy men I chanced upon Nalanda – India’s oldest Buddhist University and a monastery as well. There I heard the Abhidhamma expounded in a masterly way… and my “fate” was sealed. Ordination in the Theravada Buddhist tradition was the direct result.”

In Sri Lanka, in 1964, Anagarika was ordained by the late Venerable Nyanasatta Maha Thera, and given the name Dhammadinna. She preferred to be called Anagarika, a term used in Theravada Buddhism referring to “homeless one,” a person who has given up most of their worldly possessions and responsibilities to commit fully to a Buddhist practice.

In 1965 she returned to Canada, and lived again in BC, continuing her studies and practice of the Dhamma, and living a simple life. She had a strong commitment to her own path, as well as enthusiastically sharing with others.

She died September 19th, 1990, leaving a rich legacy, and a continued lineage of grateful, well-informed friends and students.

Loving Kindness Meditation

(Anagarika Dhammadinna’s translation)

Let me be free from greed, hatred and delusion
Let me be selflessly giving, understanding and insightfully clear
My heart is filled with Loving Kindness
And I am protected.
My heart is filled with Loving Kindness

Every cell of my being is filled with Loving Kindness
And I am protected.
I am sending out Loving Kindness in all directions

North, south, east and west
To all points in between, above and below
Loving Kindness reaching out to the corners of the Universe
Touching all animate and inanimate things
Touching everyone, touching everything
A whole universe filled with Loving Kindness.
And I shall receive Loving Kindness from all beings without exception.

Loving Kindness to All
Loving Kindness to All
Loving Kindness to All.